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Yoga In Berlin

Yin & Yang Yoga 



Yin yoga is a very still, slow class. Postures are done sitting or lying and are held for 2 to 5 minutes long. It is a great balance to an active, dynamic, and muscular yoga practice or life style. Yin targets the fascia and meridians, creating more ease throughout the body especially in your joints. It is extremely helpful for relieving back pain. Yin yoga helps us to achieve and maintain our own person range of motion. It promotes flexibility and calms the nervous system. Yin yoga is mediative which helps still the mind allowing for more clarity of thought and insight.  



(Dynamic Hatha)

Yang yoga is a dynamic fun Hatha class. The classes are strong and flowing. They builds energy, strength, and stamina. Each class is structured around a different theme (physical and philosophical). We strengthen our muscles, build up our cardio endurance, and stimulate our energetic levels. Sweating and laughing are both a big part of these classes.  


Mindfulness Meditation is a form of meditation designed to develop the skill of paying attention to our inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience, and compassion. Mindfulness is cultivated by paying attention, without judgment, to whatever arises in the present moment. It helps us to become more fully aware of what is going on right now, allowing us to be less reactionary or on ‘automatic pilot.’ It supports more happiness and inner peace.



Drop in:                    15 euros           

5 classes card:      70 euros       

10 classes card:   120 euros      





Bundesallee 53 



LiZ - Logopädie im Zentrum


12161 Berlin - Friedenau




Private Classes and Coaching


For those interested in life coaching, private yoga or meditation classes (English or German) please contact me. I teach adults of all ages, pregnant women, children, one to one, or in small groups.

Yoga Classes:           

One Hour class: 70 euros

90min class: 90 euros

Life Coaching/Mentoring:           

One hour session with email follow up:

Single sessions: 110 euro
Two sessions: 210 euro

4 sessions: 400 euro

These can be done online or in person.

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