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The Sewage River (02.2023)  The Wild Word

"I have rescued myself hundreds of times already. So next time I fall into the putrid, rancid waters, I know I can escape. There is no shame in ending once again back in it, because the river is bigger than me. It is older than me."

Gratitude: Our Human Superpower (12.2022)

Mandali Blog


Why I’m Not Special, and Neither are You: (02.2017)

The Huffington Post

The Ride of Anger: (10.2016)  The Wild Word

On Finding the Power and Meaning in Anger

How One Yoga Teacher Made Peace With Feeling Fat: (09.2016)

The Huffington Post

Wild Earth: (05.2016)  The Wild Word

On my spiritual connection to where the cedars and arbutus trees grow wild


A Believer Again: (02.2016)  The Wild Word

A piece about coming back home to faith


Etty Hillesum: A Woman of Love: (01.2016)

Inspiration from a brave open heart woman

The Chaos is Within - A Collage of Wise Words Given: (09.2010)

It's More Than The Bones: (06.2010)

Change: (05.2010)

Creating Clarity: (01.2010)

Stepping onto the mat or slipping off it: (03.2009)

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