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This 4 part video contains the essence of my Yoga classes from 2009. It is suitable for beginners to intermediate levels. Please keep in mind these videos are now 10 years old and I wasn’t yet teaching yoga with a functional approach, where we really honor each person’s individual make up. So please take my alignment cues as guidelines not rules. I hope they help you to feel into your muscles and engage them. So please don’t align your feet, hips, or hands in anyway that doesn’t feel authentic and right for you.
It is filmed on the beautiful and stunning island of Gozo, Malta.

the YOGA DVD consists of:

Somatics: Gentle movements that help the body/mind relax and release chronically contracted muscles.

Warm Up: A selection of asanas that warm up the body and strengthen the core. 

Sun Salutations: Flowing asanas linked to the breath.  They create heat, improve circulation, and condition the body.

Standing Asanas: These postures will focus on grounding and extending the body.  They develop strength in the legs while producing a sense of lightness in the upper body. 

Sitting Asanas: These postures work on lengthening and releasing tension in  the spine through forward bends and twists.   

Shavasana: A guided meditation: working towards entering a deep state of relaxation while remaining conscious.

May these videos be a motivational companion to your home practice.

May you be full of joy and feel connected.

May our self care be of support to ourselves and others.

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