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Yoga WorkshopS BErlin


yoga DAY RETREATS in Berlin


Saturday MAy 21, 2016

Yin with a splash of Yang

Slowing Down & Opening Up



Saturday MAy 21, 2016:

Yin with a splash of Yang

Slowing Down & Opening Up



September 18, 2016

Yin / Yang YOGAWorkshop:

Sun and Moon Salutations




NOvember 26, 2016

Yin YOga Workshop:

Being with All of the body



10:00 - 13:30 & 15:00 - 18:30



L . i . Z .  
Odenwaldstr.  1 0
12161 Berlin - Friedenau


45 euros Morning or afternoon session

80 euros for the whole day 


MAY 21, 2016

Yin with a splash of Yang

Yoga DAy Retreat

Slowing Down & OPening Up


First we will pause, soften, and connect with how we are at this present moment. Then we will take a journey through our entire body stimulating the 12 primary meridians. Each sequence will target a different meridian group. We will stretch, contract, and compress our bodies in order to be more fully engaged with them. This practice gives us insight into how to meet our bodies daily for the benefits of better health. During the day retreat, we will meet ourselves as we are with openness and creativity. We will learn skills to carry with us throughout our daily life for more authentic, compassionate living. 



Morning Session:  10:00-13:30

Kidneys and Upper body Meridians



Mindfullness Mediation:

Grounding in ourselves and softening into now



Kidney/Urinary Bladder Sequence:

Our back body: Meeting Fear and Wisdom

This class will be mostly yin with a splash of gentle yang.  Long held forward bends will be followed by  a splash of gentle yang to help strengthen the back muscles. The class helps in keeping our entire back body flexible and strong.



Tea break




Upper body Sequence:

Arms, shoulders, and neck: 

Meeting Hate/Love, Sorrow/Courage

This class will be a blend of Yin and Yang focusing on strengthening our arms and stretching and loosing our chest, shoulders, and neck.



Mindfullness Mediation:

Observing the effects of our practice here and now


13:30 - 15:00

Lunch break.  

Lovely cafes nearby for a delicious meal.



Afternoon Session: 15:00 - 18:30

Liver and Spleen 



Mindfullness Mediation:

Grounding in ourselves and softening into now



Spleen/Stomach Sequence:  

Our front body: Worry and Ease

We will first build on our core strength then we will slow down into long held yin postures that help open the chest and strech the thighs.



Tea break



Liver/Gallbladder Sequence:  

Hips and Twists: Meeting Anger and Compassion

This will be a slow yin class that will detox the body as we stimulate the liver and gallbladder meridians through twists and deep hip openers.



Mindfullness Mediation:

Observing the effects of our practice here and now



What is Yin Yoga:

Yin yoga is a still, slow form of yoga. Postures are done sitting or lying and are held for 2 to 5 minutes long.  It is the vital balance needed to an active, dynamic, and muscular yoga practice or life style. Yin targets the fascia (connective tissue) and meridians, creating more ease throughout the body, especially in your joints. It is extremely helpful for relieving back pain and loss of flexibility. Yin yoga helps us to achieve and maintain our own personal range of motion. By activating the meridians and the parasympathetic nervous system, it calms our body and minds.  It relieves stress and tension in the physical body. It opens us up to the depth of our emotional body, providing us with time and space to hold and digest our emotions. Through yin's natural meditative qualities, it helps still the mind allowing for more clarity of thought and insight.  




L. i. Z.  
Odenwaldstr.  1 0
12161 Berlin - Friedenau



45 euros Morning or afternoon session

80 euros for the whole day 



Payment Policy:

30 euro deposit required upon booking


Cancellation Policy:

Deposit is non refundable

Up to 2 weeks before: 50% of the full amount is returned

2 weeks before or later: No refund



For more information and registration:



erinbell fanore 

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Erinbell has been passionately teaching Yin and Hatha yoga since 2007.  


Erinbell's training:


Yoga Alliance

  • Certified Experienced 200 hours teacher 

  • Certified 500 hours teacher


Paul and Suzee Grilley 

300 hour advanced studies diploma


  • Yin Yoga and Anotomy

  • Chakras and Meridians 


Sarah Powers 

Training with Insight Yoga Institute since 2010. 

  • Mentorship with Sarah Powers

  • Yin/Yang teacher training with Sarah Powers

  • Silents Retreats and workshops with Sarah & Ty Powers 


Vinyasa Teacher training

200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training with Dave Curtis (2007)


Vipassana Meditation 

  • 3 10 day Silent Vipassana Retreats


Masters in Theatre

  • University College Cork, Ireland 


Bachelors of  Fine Atrs 

  • York University, Toroto, Canada

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